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Unique Shape & Casing Smaller than a baseball, so you can have it with you when you need it

26 sided dice, allowing you to tilt it the way you need it.
Magnetic top, just stick it anywhere magnetic.
Tripod Screw Bottom, just in case.
Outdoor ready case for your adventures.
Customizable Design, not just your colour, have your own uploaded images printed on it.

Capturing time has never been easier. Fascinated by the insights timelapse videos reveal? Our mission is to enable you to timelapse everything - without the hassle! Social Happenings, Project Progress, Nature, Pattern Recognition, or whatever you come up with.

The ZEITDICE was designed to streamline your experience of capturing, editing and publishing timelapse videos.

Triggers & Sensors Be in charge of what the ZEITDICE captures. Setup triggers from your smartphone.

Time. Every minute or on the hour, it wouldn’t be much of a timelapse camera without that :)
Motion detection. Finally watch that raccoon that goes through your garbage.
Light Conditions. Capture the sunrise everyday while you are still sleeping.
Acceleration. Lot of things can be done with this sensor, feel free :)
Buttons. Yes, for the times you forgot your smartphone and need to take a selfie.

Connectivity, Storage & Battery Your smartphone becomes the remote control of your ZEITDICE via Bluetooth or WIFI.

Use your smartphone as a viewfinder during setup & update triggers without touching the ZEITDICE. Later you will download captured footage just by walking by.
microSD card for storage, so feel free to upgrade memory as you wish.
Depending on your triggers, the ZEITDICE can take 3 month long timelapses!
miniUSB to charge the ZEITDICE, download footage to your computer and also keep it powered up with a power source (solar panel or wall wart) for the projects that need more time than the battery would last.

Editing, Filters & Publishing To streamline the full process, we give you a platform independent app that will allow you to edit your timelapse in realtime.

Apply filters from a range of options.
Change the framerate to timetravel even faster. Sorry, not into the future.
Get a heatmap of your footage and a log file of several sensors.
Publish to social media

zeit·geist /ˈtsītˌɡīst,ˈzītˌɡīst/
The defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history
as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time.