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ZBeyond Timelapse Camera

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🌱 Agricultural Thermal Timelapse

Automatically inspect and document leaf / fruit temperatures or more.
Dual Sensor Timelapse Camera. Solar Powered & 4GLTE Connected
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Includes everything you need: Just put it up & Turn it on.
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Benefits of continuously monitoring plant growth and health with a thermal timelapse camera:

Early detection of problems: Identify problems early on, such as disease or pests, and take corrective action before the problem becomes too severe.

Improved efficiency: Optimize irrigation and fertilization schedules, reducing waste and improving the efficiency of the greenhouse.

Increased yield: By addressing problems early on, the operator can improve plant health and increase yield.

Record keeping: Thermal timelapse cameras can provide a record of plant growth and health over time, allowing the operator to track progress and make informed decisions about future operations.

What does the leaf temperature of a plant tell us about plant health?

Leaf temperature is an important indicator of plant health because it can provide insight into how well a plant is photosynthesizing and transpiring. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants convert light energy into chemical energy, and transpiration is the process by which plants lose water through their leaves. Both of these processes are essential for plant growth and health.

If the leaf temperature of a plant is lower than normal, it could indicate that the plant is not photosynthesizing at optimal levels. This could be due to a variety of factors, such as insufficient light, low air temperature, or disease. On the other hand, if the leaf temperature is higher than normal, it could indicate that the plant is experiencing stress due to high temperatures, drought, or disease. In either case, monitoring leaf temperature can help gardeners identify problems and take corrective action to ensure the health of their plants.


Web Interface
Click around to find out temperatures on a picture with thermal overlay.
Easy to use API
Retrieve images and temperatures for specific time / date ranges as well as for specific regions in the monitored area

🇨🇦 Pricing

$50 Monthly Service Fee
Includes everything you need: Cellular Data (1GB), Cloud Storage, Web Interface, API Access
Rent or Buy the Equipment
Buy for $990 or rent for $99/month
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All in C$. Customer is responsible for shipping cost, freight, duty and taxes where applicable. ZEITDICE INC. is based in Toronto and ships from Ontario, Canada.

Technical Specifications

This camera has all specifications and features a ZD Infinity Standard Model has but also includes a Longwave Infrared Sensor and therefore comes in a slightly larger enclosure.
Frame Rate1 frame every 3 minutes (programmable)
Operating Temperature Range0 °C to +30 °C (32°F to 86°F)
PowerBuilt-in Lithium-ion batteries (2 x 3,000 mAh)
Recharging via USB or Solar Panel (included, 5W, 6V)
Dimensions17 x 13 x 6.5cm (6.7 x 5.1 x 2.6in)
Weight650g (1.4lbs)
Mounting1/4"-20 x .50" Thread

Visible Light Sensor

Sensor ModelIMX519
Sensor TypeCMOS
Shutter TypeRolling Shutter, Mirrorless
Active Pixels4656 (H) x 3496 (V)
Image Sensor FormatType 1/2.53″
Pixel Size1.12μm
Field of View (Diagonal)79° (autofocus)
Field of View (Horizontal)67°
Spectral RangeVisible light, 400 to 700 nm

Longwave Infrared Sensor

Sensor ModelLepton 3.5
Active Pixels160 (H) x 120 (V)
Pixel Size12 µm
Thermal Imaging DetectorUncooled VOx microbolometer
Thermal Spectral RangeLongwave infrared (LWIR), 8 µm to 14 µm
Scene Temperature Range-10 to 400°C
Field of View (Diagonal)71°
Field of View (Horizontal)57° (nominal)
Thermal Sensitivity<50 mK (0.050° C)

Leaf Temperature Live Sample

API JSON Responses

JSON Shortened: The full response includes per pixel temperature data.


Made in Canada by ZEITDICE Inc. (Established 2015)


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