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ZEITDice Timelapse Cameras

Reveal the secrets of time with our purpose built and easy to setup timelapse cameras

ZD One
Uploads via WIFI or stores images in memory
120° wide angle lens
$299 / $349
Capture 3 months on one battery charge (10 minute interval). Add a small USB solar panel to capture infinity
Weatherproof with several mounting options
Can be used standalone or with ZEITCloud if WiFi is available
Learn More / Tech Specs
Monthly Service Fee
Only applies if uploading to ZEITCloud
Includes cloud storage and automatic weekly video rendering
1 / hour or < 1,000 / month
1 / 10 minutes or < 4,000 / month
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ZD Dev Kit
Uploads via cellular network
110° wide angle lens
+ Monthly fees as below / camera
Fully autonomous, comes with solar panel and cellular connectivity. All cellular data costs included (requires LTE network coverage where it will be deployed)
Weatherproof with standard tripod mount, ready for deployment, just flip the switch and images will start showing up in ZEITCloud
Only available in 🇨🇦 Canada for now.
Monthly Service Fee
Includes cellular data fees, cloud storage and automatic weekly video rendering
1 / hour or < 1,000 / month
1 / 20 minutes or < 2,500 / month
1 / 10 minutes or < 4,000 / month
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ZD Infinity
Self-sustainable camera
2x13MP Multispectral Sterovision
Available Fall 2019
Fully autonomous with integrated solar cells and cellular (LTE) connectivity
Weatherproof with several mounting options
Please contact us for details and development status
Monthly Service Fee
Includes cellular data fees, cloud storage and automatic timelapse video rendering
1 / hour or < 1,000 / month
1 / 20 minutes or < 2,500 / month
1 / 10 minutes or < 4,000 / month
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* ZD One cameras can use ZEITCloud for free to upload via WIFI but video renderings will include a ZEITDice Watermark. Images will be only stored in ZEITCloud for 30 days. Images can be downloaded and videos rendered without watermark with ZEITMachine, our free and open source Video Rendering software.

Need a timelapse camera for your educational project or non-profit organization?
Every month we lend and donate cameras to projects that can benefit from our technology. Please contact us.

ZEITCloud Membership Pricing

Test ZEITCloud for free or choose a membership plan that comes with hardware discounts, extended warranty, branded access portals, API availability, phone support and other benefits.


Small Business

Medium Business

Large Business

Manageable Cameras
ZEITDice and 3rd party sources


Camera Warranty
Details in our terms of sale

1 year2 years2 years2 years

Hardware Discount
Get cameras cheaper


Access Portals
Custom interface branding

API Calls
per month, overage $0.001 per call


Phone Support
9AM-5PM Eastern Time

Pre-Configured Cameras
Shipped directly to deployment site

ZEITVision AI (optional)
Automatic data extraction


Monthly Fee
Pay up front and save

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We Entrepreneurs

Start a timelapse business
Supply your local community with timelapses
Generate recurring income
Manage your own fleet of ZEITDice cameras
Use ZEITCloud with your own branding and the advantage of all our automated services
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