Get Visual

ZEITDice technology enables machines to see and understand our world to provide humans with new and valuable insights so we can make better decisions.

Plant Health
Keep track of growth progress and yield size
Automatic detection of bugs and diseases
Easily share long term footage with specialists
Project Sites
Observe project status from anywhere in the world
Secure cloud based storage of visual documentation
Easily share visuals with project stakeholders
Parking Lots
Automatic generation of occupancy reports
Hover over graph bars to load associated image
Custom Data Extraction
Trainable AI to recognize arbitrary objects that a human would see
Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly reports about detected objects
Receive valuable insights by having ZEITCloud AI extract data from the collected visuals
Integrates in your systems via API and Webhooks
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Deploy, Capture, Share

ZEITDice timelapse cameras take one minute to deploy and capture months on one battery charge while uploading images to ZEITCloud.

ZEITDice One (WiFi)
3 months on one charge (10 minute interval). Add a small solar panel to capture infinity
5MP, 120° wide angle lens, WiFi
Weatherproof with several mounting options
Requires WiFi on deployment site to connect to ZEITCloud
Order Now US$299 (MSRP $540)
Details / Technical Specs
ZEITDice Infinity (Cellular)
Fully autonomous, comes with solar panel and cellular (LTE) connectivity
8MP, 110° wide angle lens
Weatherproof with several mounting options
Requires a ZEITCloud Pro account
$499 (available for commercial usage 11/2018)
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Make money

Start a timelapse business
Supply your local community with timelapses
Generate recurring income
Manage your own fleet of ZEITDice cameras
Use ZEITCloud with your own branding and the advantage of all our automated services
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Need a timelapse camera for your educational project or non-profit organization?
Every month we lend and donate cameras to projects that can benefit from our technology. Please reach out:

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