Deploy, capture, share.

ZEITDice timelapse cameras take < 30 seconds to deploy.

Capture months on one battery charge and automatically create shareable content in combination with ZEITCloud.

Smart Timelapse Cameras
ZEITDice: Purpose-built and easy to deploy.

3 months on one charge (10 minute interval). Add a small solar panel to capture infinity.
2.6K JPEG images, 5MP sensor, 120° wide angle lens.
Weatherproof with several mounting options.
Order Now for $299 (MSRP $540)

Technical Specs

Cloud Platform
ZEITCloud: Automatic image collection.

Image storage with easy-to-use lookup and video rendering interface.
Scheduled camera status updates via email. Easy video sharing.
Analytics, Reports, API and more.
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Analyze, learn, integrate.

Gain valuable insights by having ZEITVision extract data from the collected images.

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Computer Vision
ZEITVision: AI based pattern analytics.

Sends daily, weekly or monthly reports about objects seen and change over time.
Can be trained to look for almost anything a human would see.
Integrates in your systems via API and Webhooks.

There is more.

Timelapse can enable a lot of good things.

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Start a timelapse business
Supply your local community with timelapses.

Manage your own fleet of ZEITDice cameras.
Use ZEITCloud with your own branding and the advantage of all our automated services.

Customizations and integrations
We are flexible and want to hear from you.

Need to track plant health via NDVI? We can do that.
Custom lens, battery, case or software needed to fit your application? Let's chat to see what we can achieve together.

Thank you to our supporters

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