Stop wasting time going places to ...

  • photo document
  • measure or count
  • monitor and report on
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... things. Let our smart timelapse cameras do the job for you.

Remote Monitoring & Timelapse
Construction, Events, Art
Watch your project online and get mesmerizing timelapse videos automatically
Easily share visuals with project stakeholders
Get Data For Decision Making
Real Estate, Smart Cities, Research
Trainable AI to recognize arbitrary objects that a human would see
Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly reports about detected objects
Integrates in your systems via API and Webhooks
Increase Productivity
Agriculture, Mining, Manufacturing
Visually monitor processes online
Get notified when visually identifiable patterns occur

ZEITDice Timelapse Cameras

Reveal the secrets of time with our purpose built and easy to deploy timelapse cameras

ZD Node
2MP, WiFi, Weatherproof, Integrated Solar Cell
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ZD One
5MP, WiFi, Weatherproof, Optional Solar Charging
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ZD Infinity
12.3MP (4K), WiFi, 4GLTE, Weatherproof, Turn-Key: Comes with Solar Panel & Mounting Gear
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ZD Thermal
ZD Infinity + Thermal Vision
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ZD Custom
Need something else? Let's talk!
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ZEITCloud Platform

Collecting images and data from ZEITDice and 3rd party cameras, providing access directly to clients or 3rd party application via API.

Monthly Service Fees start at $15 / camera but it really depends on photo resolution and upload frequency (interval) - Please Contact Us

Timelapse Videos

Scheduled, automatic rendering of timelapse videos from the uploaded images, ready to share on social media or other channels.


We provide easy to use HTML code to embed the most recent images and videos into your website, dashboard, or 3rd party application.

Email Notifications

We will notify you when your camera misses an expected upload or something seems wrong with the hardware.

Access Portals

Project stakeholders can access images and videos via a customizable (your Logo & CSS) web site. It can be public via URL ( or password protected.


Get a JSON object pushed to your API when a new image is uploaded or an event is triggered (like an anomaly is detected by ZEITVision or a new timelapse video completed rendering).


SSL is used for all communication with ZEITCloud, including the upload from the cameras and the API, furthermore the API needs a valid token to respond to requests from 3rd party applications.


Endpoints to retrieve either the most recent video / image / data or a range of them as JSON.

OTA Updates

Over-The-Air: All our cameras can have their settings and firmware updated remotely.

Web Interface

Manage, order and configure cameras through an easy to use web interface.

FTP Upload

You have your own FTP Server? Great, we can transfer the photos there too as soon as they come in.


See the most recent photos / videos directly on your dashboard.

ZEITVision AI Skills

Trainable Computer Vision to detect patterns and anomalies either on the camera before upload or in the cloud.

Machine Learning

ZD Infinity cameras be trained to look for patterns / anomalies you need to know about.


ZD Infinity cameras can remove Personally Identifiable Information (PII) before any photos are saved or even uploaded to the cloud.

Please contact us to discuss how ZEITVision can help your business.

A Few More Things That Matter

We are a bit different than other companies

Happiness Guarantee

If you feel unhappy / unsatisfied about what you bought from us, please let us know. We will make it right. Within the first month after activation, you are entitled to a full refund, so there is no risk in giving us a try.
When you receive your camera, it's already configured and ready to go. Just flip the switch. If things aren't working as expected, or assistance is needed, we provide a direct-to-support phone number. Call anytime, we will resolve the issue.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

It takes a lot of resources to manufacture our cameras. If your project is over and your ZD camera would just sit around unused or even worse, go into a landfill, we would like to hear from you.
We will cover shipping costs to get the camera back to us (we have receiving partners in the US, Canada and the EU to keep shipping distances short). Some components we might be able to reuse or at least we can put them into proper recycling streams.
We will offer credit if the camera we get back helps minimize the carbon footprint of our supply chain.

Partner Program

Supply your local community with timelapses
Generate recurring passive income
Manage your own fleet of ZEITDice cameras
Use ZEITCloud with your own branding and the advantage of all our automated services

Free Cameras

Need a timelapse camera for your educational project or non-profit
Every month we lend and donate cameras to projects that can benefit from our technology. Please contact us.

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