How To: Get your ZEITDice uploading to the ZeitCloud

  1. Sign Up for ZEITCloud here
    1. You will receive an email to activate your account (and set your password, again, sorry, that’s a bug, the password you use while activating the account is what counts)
  2. Configure your ZEITDice
    1. Plug your ZD into your computer via USB and find the settings.ini file, open it in a text editor.
    2. Change the following values:
      1. Interval
        1. Change it to a value in seconds that you need to receive images in the cloud. 600 (10 minutes) is a good start if you want to run for a week or more, faster, up to 10 seconds is possible but the battery will get used up within a day.
      2. Wifi_Upload
        1. Set to INSTANT
      3. SSID
        1. Set to your Wifi Name
      4. PASSWORD
        1. Set to your Wifi Password
      5. Email
        1. Set to the email address you used for signing up to ZEITCloud
    3. Securely eject your ZD from your computer
    4. Start your ZD as usual by pushing the button for 1 second
  3. Log in to ZEITCloud here
    1. On your dashboard you will see the most recent image your ZEITDice took and can create timelapse videos based on what has been captured.