Quick Start Guide


Important Note

Hardware Features

  1. 120° wide angle lens
  2. Tripod Mount (1/4"-20)
  3. USB Micro-B Connector for charging and file system access (Only use supplied cable with extra long connector tip for a solid connection)
  4. Battery Charging Indicator (LED), red means it's charging, green means it's fully charged. Can take up to 24 hours to fully recharge.
  5. Status Indicator (LED), flashes when image is taken and corresponds when button (#6) is pushed
  6. Button, push as deep until you feel and hear a click.
    1. Start Timelapse Capturing: Push until Status Indicator (#5) comes on, then let go. Capturing sequence started (6 second interval is default), Status Indicator will flash every time an image is taken.
    2. Shut Off: Push until Status Indicator (#5) goes red, then let go. Device will shut off, might still finish taking last image (light will flash 1-2 times more).
    3. Image Download Mode: Instead of letting go the button in timelapse capturing mode, keep pushing until the colour of the Status Indicator changes, let go then. Light should stay solid, now the device can be plugged in a computer as Mass Storage device to access the data.
  7. Magnet. There is 2 more on the neigbouring faces of the enclosure backwards
  8. Sticker with serial number


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