Our Timelapse Service

ZEITCloud Platform

Leave it and forget it. Our ZEITCloud service allows you to monitor device status, wirelessly sync, render, and post your timelapse content--all you do is set-up the camera(s), connect to a WiFi network*, and wait for time to do its thing.

The ZEITCloud service retrieves and stores your content, analyzes each frame to reduce "flicker" and improve quality, creates the timelapse video, and posts it on your selected media channels (social media, email, website, etc.). Our device monitoring system will notify you of any issues so that they can be fixed right away.

Our over-the-air (OTA) device communications system means that many issues can be fixed without an on-site visit.

*Options available to set-up WiFi anywhere where a Mobile phone (3G or higher) signal exists--ask us for more info. Wireless 3G network connectivity coming soon.

Includes the rental of a ZEITDICE Camera and requires Wi-Fi in range of it to upload the images to our cloud platform where you can look at the images. Weekly timelapse videos are rendered automatically for you.